MRS Artistry is now on YouTube!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote anything in my blog — blame it on writer’s block, or the lack of anything to write about, plus life happens. Anyway, just a quick update:

I attended The Makeup Show Los Angeles for the very first time and that was lot to take in! I had the great opportunity of attending one of the workshops (The Perfect Bride Makeup Workshop) taught by Orlando Santiago. Orlando is an amazing makeup artist and packed full of great talents. I spent eight hours at the workshop, learning many new tricks and techniques that I could apply to my day-to-day makeup application, be it to myself or my clients.

The Makeup Show is actually a pro-driven makeup convention geared towards professionals working in the industry. It’s a great place for artists to connect and network with other pros around the world. It was quite overwhelming, but I can’t complain — I bought lots of awesome goodies for my makeup kit and cannot wait to test them out!

So on to the actual point of this blog post — I am extremely proud to announce that I am now on YouTube! It took me years to finally sum up the courage to upload a video but it’s finally here! Please watch my very first video below. I would appreciate it if you comment and subscribe to my channel. Thanks so much and have a lovely day!





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